Building God's House

Welcome to the FGA Melbourne Church Building Program also known as "Building God's House" or BGH for short. For many years, our church rented various premises as our congregation size and needs grew. Then by God’s grace we were able to buy an old factory site at 38 Lexton Rd, Box Hill North in 2010. We first developed the front section of 38 Lexton to house our church office and a number of meeting rooms. Since early 2012 we have enjoyed the blessing of these facilities and rented out the empty factory space behind.

Developing the front portion was Phase One of BGH and in August 2015, we initiated Phase 2 of BGH, also known as Project “Home Run”. Upon completion, Home Run will deliver a sanctuary to hold our Sunday worship services, as well as additional multi-functional rooms and breakout areas.

"Everybody wins when we move in"

Our church leadership recognise that without our own building, accommodating an expanding congregation and continued involvement in community outreach programs is difficult to sustain. We also have realised the burden on the time and energy of our volunteers, leaders and staff as they have to set up each week in Kingswood College for Sunday Services, as well as other venues for youth nights and special events. Currently we have a wonderful opportunity to extend our premise by refurbishing the factory area behind our Lexton office to make it our permanent home.

We encourage everyone to play their part in the Home Run project of Building God's House by earnestly praying to seek the Lord's cover and direction. There are also many ways to serve or give to the project as we boldly move in faith with God’s vision and seek His will for our new building.


For more information about Building God’s House or ways you can support this program, please email