To help you grow in understanding and practical spiritual living we provide Christian Education in short courses throughout the year. Topics range from Bible Overview, Book Studies, Leadership, Christian Living, Family Issues to specialised topics. 

The form provides an overview of the scheduled Christian Education series at FGAM for March 2017. The classes available this series are:

- Parenting and Ministry to Young Children

- Gifts of the Holy Spirit

- 1 Corinthians

Generally, we have four week blocks of teaching on aspects of:


Practical life and Ministry



We welcome you to join us. Please contact our FGAM office or Pastor YC Goh for more details, or to register.


The Alpha course is designed for non-Christians and young believers who seek to understand the Christian faith. This course seeks to explore the fundamental questions of life such as 'What's the point of life?' and 'How is Jesus relevant to us?' The course runs for 11 consecutive weeks. Each session starts with light refreshments, followed by highly interactive discussions centered on a life changing video presentation of these issues. So far, over 4 million viewers have viewed this Alpha series worldwide. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR NEXT COURSE EMAIL: