We want FGAM to be a safe place. As of 8th July 2020 stage 3 restrictions were enforced. As a place of worship, we are no longer allowed to have people meet in the Lexton premisses unless it is for one of the following purposes:

  1. Production of on-line services
  2. Assisting with cooking or distribution of meals or food relief
  3. Essential counselling

FGAM is taking every precaution to protect our staff, volunteers and members from the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you come to Lexton building for any of the above categories you will need to abide by our conditions of entry. These include:

  • CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - anyone who is unwell, in self-isolation or quarantine should stay at home. All people gathered MUST abide by physical distancing rules, wear a mask if possible, and practice good hygiene
  • SIGN IN & OUT - Sign in at the reception table at the front entrance or level two lobby. The record will be kept for 28 days in accordance with government regulations. 
  • CLEANING will be undertaken after each event or meeting. This includes cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces, tables, door handles, lift, toilets and bathrooms.
  • ROOM BOOKINGS are required prior to all building use to assist with planning for cleaning after the event.
  • A DEDICATED COVID SAFE OFFICER is required for each meeting or event at FGAM. This officer will have undergone training and have overall responsibility for ensuring the directive of physical distancing, wearing of masks and conditions of entry are met for all in attendance.