FGAM COVID Safe plan

We want FGAM to be a safe place. As of 11:59pm, 5th August 2020 Stage 4 restrictions were enforced in metropolitan Melbourne. As a place of worship, FGAM is no longer allowed to have people meet in the Lexton premisses unless it is for a permitted activity. These are:

  1. Production or broadcasting of online worship services (maximum 5 people).
  2. Assisting with cooking or distribution of meals or local food relief.

FGAM is taking every precaution to protect our staff and volunteers from the coronavirus (COVID19). If you participate in a permitted activity at FGAM you must abide by our conditions of entry. These include:

  • PERMITTED WORKER PERMIT - A worker permit must be issued to each person prior to leaving home to attend an FGAM permitted activity. If you do not have a worker permit you will not be permitted to participate or be granted entry to the premises.

  • CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - No entry will be permitted to anyone who is: 
    > Unwell with symptoms of COVID19.
    > Waiting for a COVID19 test result.
    > Been a close contact of a confirmed COVID19 case in the last 14 days.
    > Tested positive for COVID19.
    > Has been instructed to self-isolate by a recognise authority for any other reason.

  • SIGN IN & OUT - Sign in at the reception table at the front entrance or level two lobby. The record will be kept for 28 days in accordance with government regulations. 

  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING - all people must keep at least 1.5 meters apart from others at all times. Abide by room limits (notices with the limits on the number of people are provided for each room).

  • WEAR A MASK - all people must wear a mast at all times. If you need to touch your mask or face, use sanitiser beforehand and again afterwards. Instructions on wearing a mask can be found here.

  • PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE - cough or sneeze into your elbow. If you use a tissue it must be wrapped and placed in a bin immediately. Wash or sanitise your hands regularly, including upon arrival and before you leave and after you return home.

  • REPORT IF YOU BECOME UNWELL - You must inform FGAM if you become unwell within 48 hours of serving at FGAM. You will need to get tested for COVID19, self-isolate, and notify FGAM of the test result within 24 hours of receiving your result.

  • YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED - FGAM will report any positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) to DHHS and Worksafe. You will be notified if you may have come in contact with this person whilst serving at FGAM.
  • CLEANING is undertaken after each or permitted activity. This includes cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces, tables, door handles, lift, toilets and bathrooms.
  • ROOM BOOKINGS are required prior to all building use to assist with planning for cleaning after the permitted activity. We request that you limit your movement within the premises where practicable, and keep to the room booked for your activity.
  • A DEDICATED COVID SAFE OFFICER is required for each Permitted activity at FGAM. This officer will have undergone training and have overall responsibility for ensuring the directive of ensuring everyone is well, signing in, physical distancing, wearing of masks, and post-meeting follow up for all in attendance.

A PDF copy of the above points may be downloaded here.

A PDF of the complete COVID Safe Plan may be downloaded here.

Information on Permitted worker permits

As of 11:59pm 5th August 2020, all volunteers and staff assisting with permitted FGAM activities must have a Permitted Worker Permit (PWP). This will be issued by the FGAM Office prior to the event and must be carried with you together with photographic Identification. 

Information on the Permitted Worker Scheme can be found at www.justice.vic.gov.au/permitted-worker-scheme.