– Joshua 24:15


fgam Dedication service
– october 6 & 7, 2018 –

Many years ago, the leaders of our church envisioned a future where our congregation would come together to worship and serve God in a permanent dwelling place. On October 6th and 7th, this vision became reality with FGA Melbourne holding dedication services for the official launch of our new Household of Faith on 38 Lexton Road, Box Hill North. After 24 years of serving in the community, there was a buzzing and excitement that filled the air as we welcomed over 1000 past and current members, visitors from overseas, local politicians as well as family and friends.

It was an historic moment for FGA Melbourne. It was wonderful to have so many people from all generations involved during the dedication services. There were those who served in the worship team, as well as the young girls dancing, the line dancers, our friendly ushers, carparking attendants, our food team and our MCs Roger Seow and Audrey Goh who facilitated with such gusto!


We welcomed a range of dignitaries to take part during our service. This included Dr Ng Soon Gan (FGA KL) and Dr David Goh (Banner of Love KL) who offered prayers of dedication; Hon. Robert Clark who gave a short address and assisted with the unveiling of the plaque. Our wonderful Founding Pastor Roland Seow gave our opening address and Elder Allan Khoo took us on an emotional trip down memory lane from Benson St, Carey, YWAM, Kingswood until our permanent home at Lexton Road. Senior Pastor Chris Ong then introduced our new series, “So, What’s Good?”, focusing on Psalms 23 and exploring what it looks like to live with a Good Shepherd. At the conclusion of our services, the mood was festive as we fellowshipped with one another over a meal, 1150 of them in fact! Our Kids ministry joined us after our services. They enjoyed the luxury of Sunday School organized by our passionate Kids Ministry team.

We would like to thank all those who attended our service to make it such a splendid occasion. We would also like to acknowledge all those who worked tirelessly during our building project whether it was as part of the building team, the interior design team or those that assisted in fundraising or in a serving capacity. From humble beginnings, we cherish the thriving community that FGA Melbourne has become. There are many people who have grown up in our church, families that have been with us from the beginning, others who have joined us along the way and still more that are new members. We all have different gifts and talents, but together we are one unified body of Christ.

Having our own church building allows us to come together to encounter God and it has been designed to accommodate the needs of our church and wider community. It is a place that we can pray, heal, celebrate, praise and seek God. Our hope is that at FGA Melbourne your life will be transformed, that you will grow spiritually and that together as a Household of Faith, we can bring glory to God as we serve him faithfully. We look forward to the next 25 years!

Building God's house