FGA Melbourne is now open, but subjected to COVID Safe Summer restrictions. All gatherings, whether indoor or outdoor, they must be booked with the church office (to ensure FGAM complies with COVID 19 government requirements).

Please note, only one religious gathering is permitted on Lexton premises at a time.

  • Indoor meetings are not capped but subjected to density quotients of one person per 2 square meters. 
  • Outdoor meetings are to be held close to our Lexton Premises and are limited to one person per 2 square meters.
  • Meetings over 50 people need to be ticketed. Contact the office for assistance.

All meetings may not exceed capacity and we need to ensure that attendance requirements, good hygiene, mask wearing and safe physical distancing requirements are met.


  1.  Book online at Alternatively, contact Megan at the office (03 9296 5200) or one of the pastoral staff to schedule a meeting. 
  2. There are five main areas available for use indoors plus the covered carpark (considered to be an outdoor venue).
    • Level 1 open meeting area (limit of 18)
    • Level 2 classrooms 1-3 combined (limit of 53)
    • Level 2 Classroom 5 (limit of 18)
    • Level 2 lobby (limit of 155)
    • Guest Central (limit of 36)
    • Sanctuary (limit of 188)
    • Backstage seated area (limit of 44)
    • Covered Car park (limit of 440)
  3. Appoint a COVID Safe Officer for the meeting. The COVID Safe Officer must have completed the COVID Safe Officer Training.

* All meetings may be set up with the option for Zoom to allow for more people to participate. Please indicate if you require this set up at the time you book the meeting.