In order to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), restrictions have been placed on venue capacity to ensure that physical distancing requirements are met, including total gathering numbers and a limit of one person per four-square metres.

  1. Contact or one of the pastoral staff to schedule a meeting. You will need to tell us:
    • Time and date for the meeting
    • How many people will be present (current maximum is 20 people)
    • Who is lead/organiser for the meeting
    • If you will be running Zoom* as part of your meeting (we can help you to set up for you)
  2. There are four rooms available for use. NB: the number of people is currently limited to 20 per group in addition to those reasonably required to run the meeting or event.
    • Level 1 open meeting area (capacity 11 people)
    • Level 2 classroom (capacity 24 people)
    • Level 2 lobby (capacity 77 people)
    • Sanctuary (capacity 120 people)
  3. Appoint a COVID Safe Officer for the meeting. The COVID Safe Officer must have completed the COVID Safe Officer Training.

* All meetings may be set up with the option for Zoom to allow for more people to participate. Please indicate if you require a microphone and screen set up prior to the meeting.