Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of a number of our members, a number of these partners will give a portion of their commission and/or sales as a referral fee towards BGH. As with all financial and legal matters, please do seek your own independent advice and conduct appropriate due diligence. Our current list of BGH referral partners are as follows:

  • ONEWORLD GROUP Townhouses

    Purchase of Townhouses (

    Contact: Diana Lvova (0414 638 376) or email -

    Benefit: 2% of sale contract price where 1% payable at signing, the remaining 1% at settlement

  • Jellis Craig

    Referral of Vendors for Sale of Properties

    Contact: Campbell Ward (0402 124 939) or email -

    Benefit: 10% of total sales commission earned (set at 1.35% inclusive of GST+ 10% above reserve price)

  • Westpac

    Referral of Loans

    Contact: Naomi Lin (0466 516 833) or email -

    Benefit: $1250 cash rebate to the borrower + 0.22% (inc GST) of the loan amount to BGH

  • NAB

    Referral of Loans

    Contact: Minchi Lim (Nexus Partners - Broker) on 0404 666 771 or email -

    Benefit: 0.44% (inc GST) of the loan amount plus 250,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer points if signup before end of 2015

  • ANZ

    Referral of Loans

    Contact: Yvonne Xie on 0435 656 801 or email -

    Benefit: 0.03% - 0.04% of loan

  • Globird EneRGY


    Contact: Daniel Wong (0430 543 575) or email -

    Benefit: $60 to BGH

    Sign Up: Visit and use referral code "FTM-01"