Local Food Relief

Whitehorse Churches Care is a not-for-profit organisation that provides public benevolent relief to those in serious need, fostering practical unity among Christian churches in Whitehorse. FGA Melbourne is a member church of this consortium of churches in our home region of Whitehorse. FGA Melbourne has the opportunity as a member church to contribute food, supplies and various goods to these food pantries to help those who are adversely affected by the Coronavirus. 



Due to the Stage 4 Restrictions, FGAM Is no longer taking direct donations. St. Thomas Anglican Church, Burwood is another member church of WCC who are accepting donations of pantry food items for our community during the current pandemic. If you would like to donate food pantry items, cash or give voucher cards to the community, below are the following options: 

1. ONLINE DELIVERY: Order Online and have goods delivered to St Thomas Church, 44 Station Street, Burwood on Saturdays between 10am to 1pm.

2. PICKUP FROM YOUR HOME: Text message to Ms Trami Troung (hope@sttoms.org) and arrange for pickup from your home to be sent to St Thomas Church.

3. DONATE GIFT CARDS: Preferably $20 gift cards, this will enable St Thomas Church to give out to those who need the cash to purchase fresh produce or items not available through the food pantry. Email gift cards to Ms Trami Troung (hope@sttoms.org).

4. CASH DONATIONS: Electronic donations may be made to FGA Melbourne and we will forward to St Tom's. 

BSB No: 063109

Account No: 1027 9470

Deposit Ref: Food Relief

Items needed: Vegetable Oil, Diced tomatoes, Rice, Pasta sauce, Spreads (jam, honey, Vegemite, peanut butter), Tuna, Canned vegetables, Instant Noodles, Asian sauces, Long life milk (full cream), Snacks (e.g. crackers, muesli bars, sweet biscuits), Toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene, shampoo, toothbrushes). 

Items not needed: Baked beans, canned spagetti, pasta, weet-bix.

Contact the FGAM office with any inquiries (03 9296 5200)

Need help?

If you, or someone you know needs food/phone/prayer support - call CWC Pantry 9837 2900

Alternatively, you can also fill in this form - http://flr.ms/3Tt

or email St Tom's Burwood on hope@sttoms.org