FGAM Healing Rooms

FGAM Healing Rooms is held every first Thursday of the month from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. We have now gone online, via Zoom. You can use video or call in using a landline. 


     单击此处以中文预约FGAM康复室 (in Chinese)

Come and soak in a safe, loving atmosphere and receive prayer from trained teams, ready to release the healing power of God.

The dates for Healing Rooms in 2020 are as follows: 
6 February 
5 March 
7 May 
4 June 
2 July 
6 August 
3 September 
1 October 
5 November 

FGAM Healing Rooms is affiliated with Healing Rooms Australia (http://www.healingrooms.com.au) and the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) based in Spokane, Washington, USA.

For more information on FGAM Healing Rooms, email Paul at healing.rooms@fgam.org.au or visit our Facebook page FGA Melbourne Healing Rooms.