Homegroup Ministries

All our Home Groups combine under one ministry, including groups for young adults, young families, adults and everyone in between. Home Groups usually meet on the second and fourth weeks each month at various locations and at times to suit their members. Our Home Groups predominantly follow a consistent curriculum which is linked to our preaching themes. This ensures that the whole congregation is on the same page in regards to what the church is working through at any time. We urge all members and contacts to join a Home Group so they can receive the added dimension of spiritual input to transform their lives.

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Ps. YC Goh or Ps. Quentin Loke

Home Group Pastors

yc.goh@fgam.org.au, quentin.loke@fgam.org.au


All university student and young working adults are invited to join our ministry for 18 to 30 year-olds. Home groups usually meet twice a month at various locations and times. In addition, we have regular social meetings and several outreach and corporate services. We focus on growing strong biblical foundation for a Christ-centred life.


For more information contact Jerusha Ho at jerusha.ho@fgam.org.au

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